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Welcome to our pet sitting shop!
Your pet will love it! $15 per day


Pitbull Portrait


We take care of dogs! And also we have toys for them too. 

Grey Kitten


We take care of cats! And we have toys for them too.



We take care of birds! We also have toys for them too.

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

We take care of small pets! And even we have toys for them too. 



We take care of bunnies too. We have toys for them too.

Homemade Pet Toys For If You Are Here First Time


Only clean with a wet towel or dust.


Different color dog leashes.
Adorable dog chew toys, with durability for all times of the day.
Small dog treat holding bags. Comes is many different colors.

Hamster and Guinea Pig Toys

Cat Toys

Guinea Pig holding blanket

Comes in purple and light green.

Bird Toys

FREE merchandise

Fun and entertaining cat toy.

Pet squad bag to hold your keys and phone.

Sorry, out of stock

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